Thursday, October 25, 2012

Fall on the Moon!

Hi All,

Lots of activity on the Moon.  Fall is in the air!  We are decorated up for fall and Halloween.  Big Halloween party on the way with lots of fun for young and old.   We have also had lots of  movement on the moon.  Some horses going to new homes out of state.  Some horses being sold and some going to winter pastures and will return in the spring.  We have also had some employee changes.  Our Trainer, Bree is now working as an independent trainer giving lessons and taking some time off.  Our barn hands have also changed.  Kim and Dale are still around.  Let us know if you know of any trainers looking for a position.  We would love to talk with them.   We have lots of big cleaning plans going on for the cooler weather so that everything will be spic and span come spring for all the new horses that will be coming and for all of our current boarders.  Hope to see you soon on the Moon!!!!

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Riding UP to the Occasion

Wow! Things have been so busy at Blue Moon! I've got a lot to get you caught up on..but first I want to start with something that has been consistently brought to my attention over the past few months. It is the phrase "Ride UP to the Occasion." So often, our emotions and attitudes can get the best of us - and I have found that reminding myself of this simple phrase really helps to put my thoughts and goals into perspective. We must stay tactful, methodical, and keep our emotions down. It is our job to bring out the best in our horses - to set them up for success, and to help make them a little better with each ride.
As riders (pertaining to all types of riding), our foremost goals should be to maintain the purity within the horse's natural gaits, and to promote soundness and well-being of the horse (Dr. Thomas Ritter). I hate witnessing segregation and disrespect between all the disciplines. Whether you run barrels or jump fences - the foundation is the same. Correct riding is correct riding. Sure, every horse is different, and you have to take into account the horse's individual conformation, gaits, temperament, and strengths and weaknesses - but a good rider should be able to make the necessary adjustments to bring out the best in every horse.

                           Hannah and Coco schooling cross country at Denton Creek Farm

And now back to Blue Moon. On April 13-15, we had a dressage clinic with Heidi Williams - what an incredible teacher she is! Everyone noticed results right away under Heidi's instruction, and the improvements were huge. We had such an awesome time, and we cant wait until she comes back! I will keep you posted on the dates :)
Heidi helps Kira understand contact

On May 6th, Blue Moon hosted the Forth Worth Dressage Club's schooling show. They were such a pleasure to work with and the turn-out was awesome! It was a very well-run show and everyone had a great time. We can't wait until next time!!

Blue Moon has several new horses offered for sale.

"Seeking the Wild" aka "Anthem" is a 9 year old Thoroughbred gelding. He has been in training for only 3 weeks and shows incredible talent and intelligence. When he first arrived, he was clueless to leg and rein aids, and is now schooling walk to canter transitions and beginning leg yield. Anthem will definitely excel in the Hunter/Jumper ring. He has a beautiful flat knee and big, lofty movement. He is extremely brave to the fences and has been cantering 2 ft courses - even with the kids!
Anthem won reserve champion at Hidden Lakes at his first show on June 8th!
Cassie is a 12 year old welsh cross mare offered for sale. She is wonderful with children and has super cute movement. Last week, Cassie competed at Hidden Lakes with my 11 year old student and won champion in the 18" division! She is incredibly brave to the fences and finds her own distances. She has been schooling 2'3" - 2'6" courses and has potential to go higher. This talented pony has the ability to go any direction - hunter/jumper, eventing, or dressage. Cassie is a level headed and patient girl - and such a doll to work with.
                            Kira and Cassie won Champion in their division at Hidden Lakes!!
Blue Moon is taking several horses and students to the Fairfield Dressage show on Saturday, June 23rd. Come show your support.. we'd love to see you!

Monday, September 26, 2011

Show Time!

Wow! What a busy month it has been! Horses are doing great, students are having fun, and the weather is wonderful!

Dressage training has been under way full force, and the students and trainers have been working their tails off endlessly..but it pays off! After days training, exhaustion, being sick, organization (and some confusion), the goal was finally reached! Blue Moon Equestrian Center took four horses to the Fairfield Dressage Show in Denton, Texas - and cleaned up! Kira Weeks and "Mr. Peepers" took second and third, Laurel Burns and "Gamble on Grace" took second and fourth, and Caitlin Kobiske and "Nocturne's Last Lady" won both blue ribbons! What a day - it is so fulfilling to see my students doing so well - in and out of the show ring. They were so professional and dedicated..true champions in my book :)

                                  Laurel, Caitlin, and Kira showing off their ribbons with Royal Joker:

Team work and support is what it's all about!
     Success would not have been possible without my awesome intern, Jordan. She is always by my side, ready to help with anything. She is dedicated, professional, knowledgable, and a great teacher to the students. I am so thankful she is a part of the Blue Moon family!
    Kelly and Lauren were also extremely helpful. They helped groom, tack up horses, and got the students ready and where they needed to be. Thank you!!

     I would like to welcome Lauren Bessert and her 6 year old Shire gelding, Tonka, to Blue Moon. Lauren is a freshman at Tarleton and we are excited to have her at the barn!

    Congratulations to Kira Weeks on her lease with "Mr. Peepers"! We hope you have fun and learn a lot!

I am excited about the upcoming days here at the farm. October is going to be very busy! For our boarders: Dr. Imel will be here on October 6th at 10:30AM for fall shots and teeth - call me for more information. Farrier Curtis Hammond will be here on October 12th at 8:30AM.

On Saturday, October 15th, Teskey's Saddle Shop will be hosting their annual Equine Expo. Royal Joker and I will be there representing the Gypsy Horse breed. We can't wait! Come visit and show your support - we would love to see you!

Sunday, October 23rd - we will be attending another Fairfield Dressage Show. If you missed the last one, be sure you make it to this one!

Friday, October 28th - Halloween Party! This is my favorite event of the year. Costume classes, bobbing for apples, barbeque, and hay rides. Everyone is invited - cost is just $5 per person. Hope you can make it!

Saturday, October 29th - Brazos Valley Hunter/Jumper show. Blue Moon will be bringing horses and riders to compete in this event at Greenwood Farms in Weatherford, Texas. It is a close, local show and we always appreciate your support!

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Keeping Busy!

"Deepest, flat knee, low heel, and a seat that never left the saddle. Always elastically flexed abdominal and back muscles, and gently swinging hips with upright head carriage. Elastically absorbing shoulders, elbows, and wrists achieved a steady, closed contact between horse and rider." -Felix Burkner

     As a continuation from the last blog, this quote from Felix Burkner basically sums up the overall idea of correct riding. From the moment a rider sits on the back of a horse, much of the fine balance in movement is lost. To regain it, horse and rider must follow an understood program of training and development - often over years - in order to establish a new balance. Once established, a new grace will be found.

    It has been a very busy couple of weeks here at Blue Moon! On July 16th we took a few students and horses to Keller to participate in the KHOA jumping clinic with trainer Ellery Dewesse. Our riders were fabulous and a huge thank you goes out to Carrie Ferrer for organizing such a fun and educational event!

Here's a look at Laurel Burns and her mare, Gamble on Grace, at the KHOA jumping clinic.

On July 24, we took 6 horses and riders to the Fairfield Dressage Show at the Diamond T Arena in Denton, Texas. I am so proud to say that I have the BEST group of students anyone could ask for. They all rode beautifully and handled themselves like little professionals - makes my work worthwhile!

     Meanwhile, back at the farm - I am excited to welcome trainer Lindsay Slough ( and her mare, Paisley, to the Blue Moon family. Lindsay is currently working on her Bronze Medal. Be sure to welcome her when you see her around the barn!

Friday, June 24, 2011

Traditional Dressage

     I'd like to begin this blog by stating who I am and what I stand for as a trainer, instructor, and a student. I love my job, and I feel very blessed by all the people who have helped me along the way. My goal is to educate, encourage, and bring others together as they help me on my journey. I have much more to learn, and I look forward to sharing it along the way.
    One issue that is currently being brought to my attention is the "difference" between competitive and classical dressage. I have spent much time contemplating and seeking knowledge on this subject. I hate witnessing the division and disconnection between those who practice "classical" dressage, and those who practice "competitive" dressage. My personal opinion stems from the foundation that I instill in my students from day one - It is my objective to develop correct, tactful, and effective riders. Olympic Gold Medalist, Klaus Balkenhol could not have said it better - "There is no 'classical' dressage or 'competitive' dressage. There is only correct riding."

     I have also found that some dressage trainers claim to be "classical" in order to justify and try to place themselves above criticism. It is interesting to note that there is no certification or lisence to call oneself a classical trainer - and it's even more fascinating to know that the old masters didn't even refer to it as "classical" - just "dressage." With this being said, I would like to re-affirm what sets me apart as a teacher of "correct" riding. I use my passion to allow my students to think, feel, and understand - not just robotically perform what they are told - to be treated as anything less than intelligent is unworthy of any human being. Or horse, for that matter.
     I will admit that I am much younger and less experienced than many of the great trainers behind the expertise of dressage, and that I have nothing new or revolutionary to add to the sport. It's the same traditional dressage that has been around for hundreds of years. I only try to explain it in a way to help others understand.

     Aside from my rant, I am thrilled about how great things are at Blue Moon! I am so fortunate to have the most wonderful and supportive clients anyone could ask for. All of my students are coming along nicely - even the horses are pleasantly happy with their jobs.

     Here are two of our newest additions: Alisha and Gypsy gelding, Artero. Alisha recently started working at Blue Moon, and is so much fun to be around. Here she is working on earning Artero's trust and respect. As one of my mentor's taught me, "the basis of all training comes from teaching a horse to drop its head."

     I am also excited about all of the events coming up! This Sunday, June 26th, is our first "Ladies Horsin' Around Spa Day." We are looking forward to making some great memories! - Pilates, catered lunch, riding, chair massages, and meeting new people!
     July 10th is our next Dressage Clinic with USDF German Bronze Medalist and FN Bronze medalist, Carrie Ferrer. This is a great oppurtunity to learn from an experienced and encouraging instructor - and to spend time with some great people.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Blue Moon Happenings

This has been a VERY warm week on the moon.  We and the horses are hoping for some cooler weather soon. Bree, our trainer had a very successful clinic last week.  We had 5 students go through out intermediate and advanced dressage clinic.  Everyone reported that is was "really cool"  they all learned a lot and were very tired! Next week starts our horsemanship basics class on tuesday the 21st.  Call Bree or the barn for more info or to sign up.  Also on the 26th of June, a sunday we are having our first Ladies horsin' around spa day.  Lots of fun stuff is planned.  Pilates for core strength for horsebackriding,  riding lesson and stretching with your horse and on horseback, horse products that are great beauty secrets, massages, food, adult beverages and much more.  We have room for 10 ladies and are filling up fast so call and reserve your spot.  $125.00 for everything!  We are also revamping our ladies riding day that falls every other sunday afternoon so look for further details.  Hope to see you all at the moon, soon!